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Just an IPTV Player

zaltv is a fast, lightweight and minimalist IPTV player

Just an IPTV player!

Most media players in the market are bloated, difficult to use and they typically require addons to play IPTV. ZalTV is designed to be a dedicated platform for IPTV.

One code, multiple devices

You are free to use your activation code on all of your personal devices as long as your streams support more than one connection.

No URL shorteners!

You don't need to enter long urls in your TV or use URL shorteners anymore. Add your playlist in the website and get a short activation code to use in your TV.


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Our app is available on Google Play. You can also download the APK.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an activation code?
An activation code is a 10-digit code that you receive after adding your playlist. When you enter it in the app it will load the playlist you provided. It is designed to be short and easy so you don't have to enter long URLs in your TV remote and serves as a better replacement for URl shortners.
What is an M3U playlist url and how can I get one?

The playlist url is a url to an M3U file which is used to organize and provide links to your live TV streams.

Your IPTV content provider will typically give it to you when you sign up for their service. We do NOT sell or provide IPTV content.

I'm getting "Please check your playlist URL" error

This error means that the app could not load your playlist because the url you provided does not work. Open the playlist URL in your browser and see if it downloads properly. An example of a working playlist URL is try it in your browser and see how it downloads a correctly formatted playlist

I'm getting "Your playlist is empty or may contain invalid entries" error
This error typically shows up when your url points to a non m3u file or an html page. Open the url in your browser and see if it directly shows M3U content like #EXTM3U header and #EXTINF records.
Do you sell IPTV content?
We do NOT sell or provide IPTV content.